About Us



The Hispanic Alliance envisions an active, involved, progressive and generous Hispanic community. We see ourselves playing a substantial role in the advancement of our region, contributing the gifts of our heritage and exploring new ways to enhance communication and collaboration with the community at-large.




Our mission is to advance Hispanic contributions to the Southeastern Connecticut community.


The Hispanic Alliance is governed by its Board of Directors, which consists of the following individuals:

Jennifer Blanco, Sara Buell, Kristina Jordan, Alejandro Melendez-Cooper, Francisco Moya,

Ricardo Ochoa, Vipul A. Patel, Rita Provatas, Mariana Salas,

Frank Silva, Alexandra Lopez, Pieter Visscher, William Wuyke

Founded in May 2000 by a diverse group of dedicated friends, the Hispanic Alliance has grown into a dynamic, innovative organization, providing scholarship opportunities, health care advocacy, social service support, professional development, public art and bringing communities together through a broad range of events.


The Hispanic Alliance promotes educational opportunities to men and women through the Hispanic Alliance Scholarship Program. Since 2000, over 200 scholarships have been awarded to high school, college and graduate students who demonstrate excellence in leadership, community service and/or academic achievement. The Hispanic Alliance also partners with local private high schools to provide full scholarships to qualifying Latino teens.


The Hispanic Alliance promotes health literacy for all community members through the creation of the Community Alliance for Health Equity.  Five community groups, the African American Health Council, the Haitian American Health Council, Ledge Light Health District,  tribal communities and the Hispanic Heatlh Council, work together to educate individuals and affinity groups to be responsible for their health care and collectively bring their voices and issues to legislators and other decision makers.

Social Services

The Hispanic Alliance provides one-time mini grants in emergency situations to individuals and families through the Starfish Fund. The majority of referrals to the Hispanic Alliance are made by local social services, healthcare and educational organizations who identify and screen individuals and families in need.


Community ties are integrated and strengthened through an active event program. The annual Noche de Gala creates opportunities for community engagement and the means for the Hispanic Alliance to raise funds in support of scholarships.  Other events include soccer tournaments, art installations, affinity group events and scholarship recipient alumnae networking.


The Hispanic Alliance supports professional development through trainings and on-going coaching in leadership skills, business models, negotiation and cultural competence.


Through Imagine Public Art, the Hispanic Alliance has created an innovative program to install sculptures in open spaces throughout New London County.  Imagine Public Art will contribute to making Southeastern Connecticut a cultural destination and give its inhabitants a sense of pride and identity.

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