Civic Engagement & Economic Empowerment

Pledge to Vote to Protect our Care in Connecticut

The Hispanic Alliance of Southeastern Connecticut is proud to participate in I VOTE 4 HEALTH CARE, a non partisan voter engagement initiative. The Protect Our Care CT campaign supports comprehensive, high quality, affordable and accessible health care for all Connecticut residents.

Civic engagement is central to the Hispanic Alliance of Southeastern Connecticut mission. Recognizing the potential of Hispanics/Latinos, we organize, educate and mobilize our community to increase minority engagement. We conduct research and disseminate studies that clarify the socio-economic dynamics, the impact of public policy intervention and issues and practices that affect equity and access in Southeastern Connecticut.


The Hispanic Alliance Civic engagement and economic empowerment programs focus on advancing the Hispanic/Latino contribution through a variety of initiatives. Our efforts center upon guiding the Hispanic/Latino population toward the immediate resources and tools needed to embark upon a path of economic stability and enhance their quality of life.


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