Scholarship Program

Hispanic Alliance scholarships are available to graduating Southeastern Connecticut high school seniors and post-secondary Hispanic students who are continuing their education and who demonstrate excellence in at least one of the following areas: leadership, community service or academic achievement.

Financial need is taken into consideration.

Applications are accepted from January 2nd to April 1st every year and scholarships are presented at the Hispanic Alliance Annual Gala the first Friday of June. The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut manages the scholarship funds distribution and the program's endowment. 

 The scholarship is funded through corporate sponsors and donations.

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Scholarship Committee Members

Tracee Reiser, Co-Chair, Chris Soto, Co-Chair, Aida Heredia, Jose Gonzales, Jennifer O'Brien,
Shalimar Ramos, Jennifer Blanco, Kimberley Sanchez, Amanda Klay

Imagine Public Art

Imagine Public Art (IPA) is a public art initiative that seeks to enrich the region by energizing its identity as an arts community.  IPA is building partnerships with private developers, legislators, foundations, civic groups, cultural institutions and individuals who embrace public art as an essential effort of community revitalization.

IPA is pleased to announce the acquisition of Disc Spiral #00099, 2001 by Jesus Moroles through the generosity of the children and step-children of Anne Matthews of Stonington, CT.  Disc Spiral will be installed in the sculpture garden at the Lyman Allyn Museum in Fall 2016.

Future projects are underway and will include site-specific installations in New London and surrounding areas.

Please contact Alejandro Melendez-Cooper at the Hispanic Alliance if you are interested in funding Imagine Public Art installations.

IPA committee

Alejandro Melendez-Cooper, Linda Thacher Visscher, Maria Cruz-Saco, Xanda McCagg, Joe Standart,
George Waterman,

 Mark Gerard McKee, Migdalia Salas, Jenny Dixon, Barbara Zabel, Pieter Visscher

Consejo Hispano para la salud (Hispanic Health Council)

Under the auspices of the Hispanic Alliance, two related but separate programs were created to address community-wide health concerns.

The Hispanic Health Council is a professional network of health care providers working together to more effectively serve the Latino community. In addition to medical concerns, issues such as cross-cultural communication and social understanding in medical practices are identified and addressed. The Hispanic Health Council also represents medical interests of the Latino community to key decision makers regarding state medical policies.

In 2015, with the support of the Connecticut Health Foundation, the Hispanic Alliance and its partners created the Community Alliance for Health Equity (CAHE). The Community Alliance for Health Equity advocates for change to the health care system on behalf of underserved and underrepresented communities. The five partners include the African American Health Council, the Haitian American Health Council, Ledge Light Health District, tribal communities and the Hispanic Health Council.

Consejo Hispano Para la Salud Members

Maritza Bourassa, Victoria Drayden, Maria Gallagher, Monica Lopez-Anuarbe, Alexandra Lopez, Daniel Martino, Andrea Pedraza, Sarah Reagan,
Diana Rodrigues, Josue Rosado, Jackie Rossie, Mariana Salas, Frank Silva, Victor Tirado, Aracelis Vazquez-Haye, Victor Villagra

The Starfish Fund

Since 2004 the Starfish Fund has assisted thousands of individuals with basic care emergency needs through its community micro-grant program. Recommendations for Starfish Fund allocations are made to the Hispanic Alliance by local community, educational, social service and health care agencies.   The Starfish Fund augments other available resources and often fills a need for which there is no other source of support.

Conceived and initially funded by the Connecticut Health Foundation, the Hispanic Alliance Starfish Fund is now an endowed program funded by the generosity of anonymous donors.  

For more information, please contact us at

Starfish Committee members

Alejandro Melendez-Cooper, Katrina Barkley, Erica Prescot, Sarah Reagan, Diana Rodriguez

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