The Hispanic Alliance of Southeastern Connecticut has achieved significant recognition as the region’s preeminent Hispanic organization.  Since our founding, we have been dedicated to the community-wide health concerns of Hispanic community. Our community teams include our focus area teams as well as affinity groups representing Latin American countries. Our community teams coordinate our diverse portfolio of programs and activities and provides us with an extensive network that support extensive outreach and communication.

Education:  Hispanic Alliance Scholarship Fund
The Hispanic Alliance promotes educational opportunities to men and women through its flagship Scholarship Program and La Latina Network. Since 2000, over 275 scholarships have been awarded to high school, college and graduate students who demonstrate excellence in leadership, community service and/or academic achievement. MORE...


The Hispanic Alliance focuses on health equity and advocacy through the Hispanic Health Council, the Hispanic Alliance Mental Health Network and the Community Alliance for Health Equity.  Five community groups, the African American Health Council, the Haitian American Health Council, Ledge Light Health District, tribal communities and the Hispanic Health Council, work together to research, educate and advocate for health equity and collectively bring minority voices and issues to legislators and decision-makers. MORE...

Hispanic Alliance Mental Health Network, HAMHN

The Hispanic Alliance Mental Health Network, works to advance the mental health well-being of the Latinx community in Southeastern Connecticut through research, advocacy and resources with a focus on health equity.  MORE...

We promote civic engagement by encouraging Latinos to actively engaged in the democratic process. The Hispanic Alliance focuses on non partisan activities that promote voter education, registration, participation and advocacy. We encourage Latino to ask questions, become familiar and be informed on the issues that affect their lives those of our greater community.

The Hispanic Alliance promotes a wide variety of fine art exhibits in its downtown New London exhibition space, where it also hosts artists' talks, presentations and lectures. While showcasing Southeastern Connecticut as a cultural destination, our goal is to open new avenues of intercultural dialogue through exhibitions and programs that integrate Latino Culture with the works of both regional and international artists. MORE...

Through Imagine Public Art, the Hispanic Alliance is creating an innovative program to install sculptures in open spaces throughout New London County.  Imagine Public Art  will contribute to making Southeastern Connecticut a cultural destination and give its inhabitants a sense of pride and identity.

La Latina
The La Latina Network initiative focuses on education, recognition and networking.  The program promotes higher education by awarding scholarships to promising Latina youth from New London Public Schools.  At its annual reception, La Latina Network honors a professional Latina who serves as a community role model.  In the coming year the program seeks to expand its education equity initiative through an empowerment and leadership development program for Latina youth in New London Public Schools. MORE...

The Hispanic Alliance provides one-time micro grants in emergency situations to Latinos in need through the Starfish Fund. The majority of referrals to the Hispanic Alliance are made by local social services, healthcare and educational organizations who identify and screen individuals, families and immigrants in need.

Community ties are integrated and strengthened through special events.  The annual Noche de Gala creates opportunities for community engagement and the means for the Hispanic Alliance to raise funds and promote Latino culture.  Other events include La Latina Network Annual Reception, Arts programming, affinity group events, scholarship recipient alumnae networking and Latino partnering events and the annual Sponsors and Partners Appreciation Reception at which we present the Partner of the Year Award.

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