BRILLA is a summer leadership development program designed for Hispanic female high school students. The program targets Latina youth interested in developing leadership skills that allow them to think strategically about their post-secondary education. These exceptional young women are selected to participate in workshops led by professional women, mentors,  from diverse backgrounds including scientists, economists, artists, professors, activists, business women and women in the world of technology. With an emphasis on identity, self-reflection, higher education and acquisition of effective interpersonal skills, participants are exposed to the personal stories and lessons from these positive role models. They learn how others, like them, overcame challenges and went on to academic and professional achievement and thus how to begin to charter their personal and professional journeys.



Maria Amparo Cruz-Saco
BRILLA Co-Director

Migdalia Salas
BRILLA Co-Director



Margaret Bucaram

Maribel Olivero

Rosa Maria Lemus



Imna Arroyo

Judelysse Gomez

Nikki Gonzales

Kristin Harkness

Kristina Jordan

Julia Kushigian

Mónika López-Anuarbe

Mirna Martinez

Tracee Reiser

Ariella Rotramel

Francisca Secor



Alejando Melendez-Cooper

Kristina Jordan

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